Our final concept was a real time rideshare app called ConGo. ConGo connects students who want last minute rides to/from campus with drivers and connects students who are walking to/from campus so they can have walking buddies.


Spring 2013

Interaction Design Studio

Andrew and Dixie

Final Deliverable
Clickable Prototype





The objective was to create a mobile app for commuters to share, seek, and retrieve information to help their commute. After deciding on students as a target population, we interviewed students to learn more about their commutes to and from campus. Through our research, we found that students without cars would like rides to/from campus under certain circumstances (especially late at night and in bad weather), and students who commute in cars are often willing to offer a ride (as long as its easy and they are not inconvenienced). We also found that sometimes, students just want someone else to walk home with. 

With this information, we generated ideas and chose a final direction. We created personas and use case scenarios, devised a navigation flow, and drafted wireframes using Balsamiq. Once we designed the interface in Illustrator, we created a clickable prototype using