I completed a website redesign for Animal Friends, a local nonprofit animal shelter, while considering the pain points and objectives of the organization.  


Fall 2012

Communication Design Fundamentals

Final Deliverable
Clickable HTML Prototype 


The Dog Adoption Page allows website visitors to narrow down their search by breed, age, and gender. Visitors can also adjust the size of the images, an interaction similar to the one in iPhoto. Further, people can click on the hearts in the upper-left corners of the photos to select dogs to compare. 


The About Us Page is free of clutter and easy to read.


Throughout the process, I focused on a number of pain points and objectives that Animal Friends provided. These included: encourage more people to visit the adoptions page, educate people on the adoption process, make the adoption page easier to navigate, and organize/de-clutter the homepage. 

To accomplish these specific objectives and refresh the overall design, I removed all of the unnecessary information.  Both the adoption page and the homepage had a lot of extra information, and it was hard to pick out the important information.  I moved items (that did not need drop down options) from the drop down menu bar to a mini-menu on top of the header, and made the “donate” option into a very noticeable bright green button on the header.  On all of the pages, I grouped the content into very clear and organized sections, and I used the same format on all of the pages (uppercase header with purple stripe) to maintain consistency.


Below are screenshots of the old Animal Friends website.