We created a system to compile user input and display the overall opinions on issues in the City of Pittsburgh called DiscussPGH. Through the system, government officials can pose questions to the public. These questions are posted online and on billboards/advertisements throughout the city. Students and other citizens can use mobile phones to tap or photograph the ad (using CAPAd and TAPAd technology), which brings them to an interface that allows them to read comments, write a comment, and choose their stance on the issue. The compiled user input is available on an online platform and in a structure in the City Hall lobby.


Spring 2013

Interaction Design Studio

Ronny and Michael

Final Deliverable
Video Sketch






This was the final project in my Interaction Design Studio class. Our prompt was: "Using UbiComp and social computing technologies, create an interactive social service system for the lobby of City Hall to support dialogue between students and government."

Once we decided to target students, we conducted user research to identify user needs and requirements. We then started the ideation process – we narrowed our 50+ set of initial ideas down to 6 for concept validation. We created storyboards and used the speed dating method to test these 6 concepts, and found that people favored the compiled user input concept because it allowed them to easily interact with City Hall without actually going there. We spend a while working on our concept and later, the final video sketch. Our group decided to design the structure in City Hall to look like an old fashioned scale so it wouldn't look out of place. 


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